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A holiday or weekend road in a holiday home in Gelderland?

Looking for a group accommodation in Gelderland? Whether you are looking for a group accommodation for 30 persons or a holiday home for 50 people, at you will always find a suitable holiday home in Gelderland. Gelderland is the largest province of the Netherlands and consists of four regions. Gelderland attracts many tourists annually. It is therefore the number one hiking and cycling province. For a short vacation in your own country, you are in the right place in the four Gelderse regions.

Versatile offer

The location of this province already means that you understand that Gelderland has a versatile holiday offer! In the north lies the vast heathlands and the vast forests of the Veluwe. They are almost unnoticed in the long sandy beaches of the Veluwemeer. In the south you will find the beautiful Betuwe and of course the watery river area. To the east lies the Achterhoek, a unique combination of nature and ancient culture. Whether you like peace or quiet, or sporting action, in or along the water: it's all in Gelderland.

The Veluwe

The Veluwe is the largest contiguous forest in the Netherlands. In these forests you will find several group accommodations and holiday homes. Take a stroll through the woods or go for a day to the Veluwe Source to relax.

Nationaal park de Hoge Veluwe
The Hoge Veluwe National Park is a world-renowned nature park with over 5,400 hectares of forests, heaths, lawns and sand sprays. The park lives among other heron deer, ree & euml; n, moeflons and wild boar, but also many endangered and protected species, such as the tree species.

Airborne museum
Experience the Battle of Arnhem as if you're in the middle of it. Airborne Museum & Hartenstein. In Oosterbeek brings you back to 1944. The underground Airborne Experience is unique in Europe. Here you are in the Arnhem streets, where a fierce battle rages and wander through a war decor where shots, indents, English cries and German commands sound.

A bunch of loose monkeys, that's Apenheul. In this beautiful green park on the Veluwe, more than half of the monkeys run. With the handy spotting tips that you get along, you do not need to. Of course there are also monkeys that do not run away, like the gorilla & orangutan.


Paleis het Loo
On the outskirts of Apeldoorn lies Palace Het Loo. For centuries, it was inhabited by towners, kings and queens as a summer residence. Now you get a unique look at the Orans' world. Experience a true time trip along the beautiful interiors of several former residents.

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