Rekken is a village within the municipality of Berkelland in Achterhoek, close to the Dutch-German border, with about 1500 inhabitants. Racks consist of two different cores, separated by the river de Berkel, which flows a few hundred meters east of the Netherlands. The neighborhood and the later church town of Rekken is listed for the first time as 'Reke' in a 13th century document. Today, rackets for international aviation is a well-known location because about 5 km northeast of the village is a radio navigation bake called 'Rekken' (RKN). The Beacon Racks are part of a busy east-west air route.

The former cattle region north of the village was erected in the early twentieth century by and for the benefit of the Rekkense Inrichtingen. The original nurses were men made available to the government. Together with their guides, they have easily and easily transformed the peat into a rural agricultural environment. South of the village of Rekken lies, in the Netherlands, but mostly in Germany, the nature reserve Krosewicker Grenzwald.

In total, Rekken counted eleven registrations in the national monument register, including the Piepermolen (a stone windmill) from 1796. The Antonius church and its tower hold two places in the national register of monuments. In addition, there are mainly farms in addition to a dry shed and a round water well. Also, Rekken has another thirteen municipal monuments.


Group accommodation Rekken

Gelderland, Rekken
  • Located on the Berkel
  • Lots of playing space for the kids

Group accommodation Rekken

Gelderland, Rekken
  • Germany within walking distance
  • Spacious living room with cooking island
  • Playing attic

Holidayhome Rekken

Gelderland, Rekken
  • Whirlpool
  • Large playground
  • Outdoor swimming pool