Over 1300 group accommodations and holiday homes

Prices of group accommodations

Where are the prices listed?
At the top of house information you can find a separate button PRICES , underwhich you can find the prices of the applicable accommodations! You can aslo calculate the costs using the screen Check & Book by filling out the period (dates) and amount of people. Tax is included for all prices, unless it is otherwise stated

What is included in the rent and what is not?
For most accommodations the costs depend upon the size of the group and the booking period. Virtually every accommodations starts off with a minimum amount of paying people. If you want to use the accommodation with less people this is possible, however you do need to pay the indicated minimum amount. This also applies to the period of residence. For example, if you want to book the accommodation for 1 night, you will have to pay for 2 nights for almost all accommodations. During special holidays or vacation days different prices apply. We will gladly provide you - without any obligation - of a quotation in advance.

Who should I pay?
After your reservation has been submitted permanently, you still have not had any contact with the owner/admin him/herself. They will directly send you the contract, the invoice with the payment terms and further information about the home. Usually short after the reservation has been made, the first advanced payment has to be fulfilled. This payment will be 50% of the rent (maximum). The remaining amount will be paid shortly after arrival.