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Heb je een groepsaccommodatie geboekt via deze website of telefonisch, dan is de boeking, na een akkoord door, definitief. Dat wil zeggen dat de reservering direct in ons reserveringssysteem wordt vastgelegd en dat een gemaakte boeking ook niet meer zonder kosten kan worden gewijzigd of geannuleerd. De meeste verhuurders hanteren de annuleringsvoorwaarden van de HISWA-RECRON.

The law stipulating that consumers have a 14-day trial period makes an exception for services concerning accommodation and transport to be performed on a certain date or during a certain period. The right of withdrawal therefore does not apply to all services of

Do I need travel and/or cancellation insurance?
Cancellation insurance for your group (group cancellation insurance) does make sense, after all, with any group it is conceivable that you may have to cancel because something bad has happened to one or more group members.

Travel insurance is not really necessary in the Netherlands, unless you are taking expensive items with you. You can get travel insurance from a bank or directly from an insurance company.

How to take out group cancellation insurance?

You can take out cancellation insurance for your group directly at the time of booking by adding it to your booking or until 5 days after you have made the booking.
Click here if you still wish to take out this group cancellation insurance. You must also provide a full list of names of all participants within 5 days via this link.

Can I cancel the reservation?
If you have indicated to us that you wish to book a particular accommodation, this verbal commitment counts as a definite booking of the relevant accommodation. Are you forced to cancel it? Then you must inform us of this in writing. For the other consequences of cancellation, we refer you to the conditions applicable to the accommodation in question.

What does group cancellation insurance mean?
If you have to cancel or cut short your trip to the group accommodation (for example, due to illness), in most cases you will still have to pay the agreed rent. It can also happen that the holiday cannot go ahead for one or more people in the group. In this situation, cancellation insurance for groups and parties offers financial security. If the reason for cancellation is covered, the (pre-paid) amount will be refunded to you. You can claim the cancellation insurance per person or with the entire group. We offer you the option of taking out special Group Cancellation Insurance. The costs are calculated as follows: 5.5% of the hire price + € 3.50 policy fee + 21% insurance tax.

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