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Everything about canceling and our special cancellation insurance for groups

A reservation made via this website or by telephone is final after an agreement by This means that the reservation is recorded directly in our reservation system and that a reservation can no longer be changed or canceled without costs.

The law that stipulates that consumers have a trial period of 14 days has an exception for services regarding accommodation and transport on a certain date or during a certain period. Therefore, the right of withdrawal does not apply to all services of

Do I need travel and/or cancellation insurance?
A group cancellation insurance is a wise decision. After all, accidents happen so it is conceivable that you are forced to cancel because one or more group members had something bad happen to them.

A travel insurance is not really necessary in the Netherlands unless you take expensive items with you. You can take out travel insurance with a bank or directly through an insurance company.

How can I take out group cancellation insurance?

You can take out group cancellation insurance immediately upon booking by adding it to your booking or up to 5 days after you have made the booking.
Please contact us if you still want to take out this group cancellation insurance. You must also provide us with a complete list of names of every participant within 5 days.

Can I cancel the reservation?
If you have indicated to us that you would like to book a certain accommodation, then this verbal promise is considered to be a final reservation for the relevant accommodation. Are you forced to cancel it? Then you must notify us in writing. The associated administration costs amount to € 69.
For any other consequences of said cancellation, we refer to the conditions that apply to the relevant accommodation. In most cases, the RECRON conditions (see bottom of page) apply.

What is a cancellation insurance policy?
If you have to cancel or prematurely end your stay at the group accommodation (due to illness, for example), then you still have to pay the agreed upon rent in most cases. It is also possible that one or more persons of your group are unexpectedly not able to go on holiday. In this situation, the cancellation insurance for groups offers financial security. If the reason for the cancellation falls under the insurance coverage, the (prepaid) amount will be reimbursed to you. You can claim the cancellation insurance per person or for the whole group. We offer you the option to take out a special Group Cancellation Insurance. The costs for this are calculated as follows: 5.5% of the rent + € 3.50 policy costs + 21% insurance tax.


 Terms and Conditions of a Group Cancellation Insurance

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