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Your own accommodation at "The Center for Group accommodations" CVG?
With more than 1300 accommodations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, the CVG is the market leader in the provision of accommodations for groups!
For the owners of these accommodations, we actively recruit clients, who we advise in choosing the most suitable accommodation.
A group of friends, who want to celebrate a week's vacation. A family searching for a suitable location for a reunion. Schools seeking a space for a field trip. Companies who want to meet undisturbed or host a course.
At the CVG ("Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties"), large and small groups get exactly what they want!

Joining the CVG means access to a lot of knowledge in the field of undertaking business in the leisure sector, a lot of specific knowledge in the area of groupaccommodations and the personal advice giving on a company level. Other than that, you always have a sounding board to undertake business with your group accommodation optimally. Furthermore, the CVG can advice you for instance about design and the interior of accommations.

Extensive promotion!
Obviously, our main aim is the promoting of the accommodations at all target groups. Annually, an elaborate marketing plan is written and implemented for this promoting. Each location is extensively mentioned on our website In order to reach you and our customers, we make use of various media sources (advertising campaigns, radio commercials, multiple fairs, digital newsletters, etc.)

The CVG was founded in january 1992 by Josien and Rob Ansen. Both searching for their own group accommation, they discovered that there was virtually nothing arranged for groups accommodations. Over the years, they built the company characterized by: personaly attention and passion! Meanwhile, we employ a team of real group accommodation specialists , which understand that all owners have one goal: A full agenda!

Buy and/or remodel a group accommodation
Are you a starter and would you like more information about buying a group accommodation? The CVG has all the knowledge to inform you about this. Also, we can make a business plan in consultation with you. Do you need an exploitation estimate/budget to see whether your plan is feasible? We'd like to make it for you. Before putting a lot of energy and effort in starting a recreation company, it is important to know that a substantial own-capital is required. Generally, banks are willing to finance up to 60% (max.) of the purchase. The remaining money needs to be provided by you. This money can be provided, by for instance selling your own property or by selling investments or savings. A loan from a family member can also be seen as own-capital, but it has to be subordinated to the bank.

The CVG does more!
The CVG is familiar with the market for groups like no other. We can advise you on miscellaneous things having to do with your business. For instance, we can inform you about the general market information, pricing, quality improvement, and advising you on remodeling or improving your accommodation. We would like to be of service.

You will remain boss in your own house.
It is easy and efficient to work together with the CVG.
More than 600 owners are already preceded you. Our starting point;
You, as owner/admin, you are and will remain boss in your own house!

Also want to bind your accommodation to the CVG??
For more information, contact Jos or Esther.
Phone nr.: +31 487 59 72 89  (Management)


✅ We proudly share market intelligence with you
✅ Stay in contact directly with your guests (if wanted and needed)
✅ We take care of all administration (contracts, payments)
✅ Yearly over 2 mio unique visitors on our website
✅ Work with us but stay in control over your own rental
✅ 30 years a reliable partner owners

"I've been working with from day one. We knew of several parties but they always spoke too highly of themselves. We looked at all the agents that were available for a while and eventually we arrived at you guys. We hit it off well from the first day. Especially with the ladies on the phone."

Paul Borghaerts
" is an active organization. There is mutual trust, agreements are fulfilled and employees are helpful and friendly. Past weekends away - before we became owners ourselves - were also booked through"

Kim Klein Gunnewiek
EGN-1728 & GNL-1439

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For more information, contact the customer relations department through +31 487 59 72 89  Jos or Esther will gladly personally inform you. Of course, you can also fill in the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible and send you our customer magazine in advance.


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