Over 1300 group accommodations and holiday homes


How can I book?
If you book an accommodation, you enter into a contract with the owner/landlord of the house. We will send you and the owner/admin a written confirmation of your booking immediatly. In a reservation made by telephone, the rental costs and the addittional cost will be discussed with you, so you will be aware of the total rent before making the reservation. The reservation costs per booking amount to 69,--. In our confirmation you will find the name, address and contact data of the house and the owner.

Why should I fill out a booking form online, if I can also call?
You can directly fill in the booking request through the site (preceded by a total rent calculation), so that the required data are fully known. You will be informed as soon as possible or the reservation for you is posted or not. If you have questions or you prefer to book by telephone you can always call us. Our call center staff will try to answer everyone as soon as possible, but it may occur that you will be placed on hold.

Delivery and execution:
The CVG acts as an intermediary for the emergence of leases of the group accommodations. The General conditions apply on the relationship between client and the CVG. On the rental agreement that is established between the client and the landlord, at which agreement the CVG is not a party, the following terms and conditions are used by the landlord, shall apply.

When the CVG is ordered to book an accommodation this is binding for the client. From that moment on, the client owes the CVG the on the website indicated booking costs. Per booking you pay € 49,- booking costs by direct debit or Maestro payment. If you wish to pay by giro, an additional € 3,50 administration costs will be charged.

As of the provision of the contract, the CVG charges the client in case of a cancellation of a booking € 30,00 per cancellation or € 49,00 in case of an alteration to cover the administrive costs. Besides that, a cancellation or alteration is governed by the applicable terms and conditions of the contract between client and the service provider.

How long in advance should/can I book?
This is different for every accommodation. Some accommodation can be booked more than a year in advance, others have a 1 year maximum.
We can not place any options for bookings with a date of arrival within 6 weeks.

What happens to my personal information?
We ensure you that your personal information will remain strictly confidential. Your personal data will be handled carefully and protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act/Law. The information in our databasa will exclusively be used for our guests administration.

From when to when is a weekend-, midweek- and week stay

Weekend: Usualy the period the rent for a weekend covers, starts friday afternoon 17:00 and ends sunday afternoon 17:00.
In most scenarios prolonging the rental period until monday morning is possible (with additional charge).
Week: A week is usually from friday to friday or from monday to monday.
Midweek: A midweek is from monday to friday.
The standard time of arrival is 17:00 and the standard time of departure is 17:00 as well.

* Keep in mind: the time of arrival and departure can differ.

What payment options are available?
At the CVG you can pay with the following options: PayPal (iDeal), one-time authorization and giro.