Complain about conclusion of agreement
If you have a complaint about the establishment of an agreement? Report this as soon as possible. We give at least 14 days after receipt of the complaint a response.

Complaints about the property
If you come during your stay in one of our accommodations something against what could be improved? Please contact directly with the relevant landlord, manager or key holder. Contact details can be found on your contract. Take into account the conditions of the landlord and with the following general provisions ::

  • If you notice errors or omissions or problems during your stay on the property, please directly contact the landlord, manager or key holder.
  • Make sure that you have complied with reporting and complaint reporting. If the landlord has not given the opportunity to rectify the shortcoming, the right to compensation may be limited or excluded accordingly.

Dispute Thuiswinkel
To file a complaint with the Dispute Thuiswinkel, you can do so via the website of the arbitration board: