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A treasure hunt in the woods, eating pancakes together and then looking for your bunk bed and then chaining the whole evening… The school camp. Are you opting for an active and adventurous school camp with bunk beds? Or would you rather have a more luxurious accommodation in a city? We have the perfect group accommodations for large to small groups going on a school camp. Choose suitable accommodation and make sure you have a great camp.

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School Camp Locations

What is the perfect location for a school camp? A large accommodation with many possibilities for entertainment. For example, choose an accommodation in the top end of the Netherlands; Friesland… A camp full of water sports and outdoor activities. Or choose Brabant and enjoy the Brabant cosiness. There are many nature reserves in Brabant where educational and sporting activities can take place. Work on the team building or walk a city scavenger hunt through Eindhoven or ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Would you rather have a camp by the sea? Then choose Zeeland. Go paintballing during an outdoor day or go out to sea during a sailing day. There are plenty of opportunities for a great school camp in Zeeland.

School camp on the Veluwe

The Veluwe is the perfect place for a school camp. The Veluwe is the largest and perhaps most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands. In the middle of the woods and meadows are large group accommodations suitable for 40, 60 and up to 130 people. There is plenty to do in this beautiful nature reserve and the children will not get bored. A fox hunt in the woods or a treasure hunt between the meadows. There are countless activities to do in the Veluwe, such as climbing in a climbing forest, visiting an amusement park or swimming at the recreational lake. The children will have a great time here.

School camp in the Ardennes

If you’re looking for an adventurous school camp, the Ardennes is the place to be! In this beautiful area in Belgium , the river Lesse flows, there are many rocks and vast forests. A treasure hunt through the woods or survival in the caves, you won’t get bored easily in the Ardennes . Go rafting on the flowing rivers or go up in the air at the climbing forest. Due to the different landscape, you will find yourself in a completely different environment than the Netherlands, while you will be back home in 2 to 3 hours. The Ardennes is the perfect place for an unforgettable school camp.

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