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The CVG (Centre for Group Accommodations) was founded in January 1992 by Josien and Rob Ansen, and since July 2019 Eugène Westerink has been at the helm as director. The company was built on the foundations of personal attention and passion, which is an important core value to this day.

Our permanent team, consisting of real group accommodation specialists, has almost all been with us for more than 10 years. With more than 1300 group accommodations from more than 850 different owners, we are the market leader in offering accommodations for groups. We actively recruit customers for the owners of these accommodations and advise customers in the choice of the most suitable accommodation.

Whether it’s a group of friends who want to celebrate a week’s holiday, a family looking for a suitable location for a reunion, schools looking for space for a working week, companies that want to have undisturbed meetings or provide a course – every group will find the perfect accommodation at Groepen.nl.

Groepen.nl has a lot of knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship in the recreation sector, specific knowledge about group accommodations and personal advice at company level. We regularly act as a sounding board for owners of a group accommodation and also advise on renovation plans and furnishing. We are happy to help you get the most out of an accommodation.

In January 2023, Groepen.nl also acquired the platform VakantieFriesland.com and we are committed

to realizing further developments in the niche market of holiday homes in Friesland.

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