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The CVG (Center for Group Accommodation), the organization behind, was founded in January 1992 by Josien Ansen-Posthouwer (1961) and Rob Ansen (1964). Until today, they are the managing directors/owners.

Over the years, they built the company with a focus on personal attention and passion! The permanent team - almost everyone has worked there for more than 10 years - currently consists of 14 real group accommodation specialists.

With more than 1300 accommodations - from over 600 different owners - CVG is the market leader in offering accommodations for groups! We actively recruit for all the owners and advise customers in choosing the most suitable accommodation for them. A club of friends who just want to celebrate a week of vacation. A family looking for a suitable location for a reunion... Schools seeking space for a working week... Companies wanting to meet undisturbed or organize a course... Both large and small groups find exactly what they are looking for at the Center for Group Accommodation! There is something for everyone on our website