Non-binding option

How can you reserve an option for a group accommodation?

Taking an option without any obligation

If you have your eye on a group accommodation but still need to consult with the rest of the group, you can take a no-obligation option. This accommodation will then be held for a maximum of two days. Within these two days, you ll let us know whether the option becomes a definite booking or not.

Options cannot be extended or given for a second time to the same group. Options will also not be granted if the arrival date is within six weeks.


  • You place an option if you are almost sure you are going to book, but want to discuss it with the rest of the group.
  • One option is cost-free.
  • For a maximum of 2 days, we will keep a maximum of 2 accommodations free.
  • Options are not finalised until we confirm them.
  • Options are not extended.
  • An option is not possible if the arrival date is within 6 weeks.


Via the site:

  • At the relevant house, enter the number of people you want to go with.
  • Click on the desired arrival date and departure date.
  • Click on the “Take option” link.
  • Check period and price details.
  • Enter the requested data and confirm “Confirm this option” at the end.

All our services are subject to these general terms and conditions.

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