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How can you reserve an option for a group accommodation?

Can I get an option?
If you have your eye on a specific accommodation, but you still need to discuss it with the rest of your group, it is possible for you to take an option, provided that the desired arrival date is not within 6 weeks. Then, the accommodation will be held in your name non-binding for a MAXIMUM OF 2 DAYS. Within these 2 days notify us whether the option proceeds or not. Options can NOT be prolonged or requested a second time by the same group. Within these 3 days please let us know if the option may or may not continue.

In short

  • An option implies that we hold this accommodation in your name for 2 days (max.).
  • You can request an option for 2 accommodations (max.).
  • Options are solely placed permanently after we have confirmed this.
  • Options can NOT be prolonged.
  • No options will be placed for bookings with an arrival date within 6 weeks.

In short

  • By telephone at 0031-487-594641
  • Through the site