A weekend away in a holiday home on the Wadden Islands?

The Dutch people can be so proud of their Wadden Islands. These are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Netherlands has five Wadden Islands that are inhabited by approximately 24,000 islanders, spread over seventeen friendly villages. There are plenty of nature reserves on the Wadden Islands that are a fantastic opportunity for a holiday home on Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. Here you will find beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun but also take beautiful walks. And did you know that Schiermonnikoog has the widest beach in Europe?

Sun, sea, beach and enjoyment

You have also come to the right place for events at a group accommodation during a weekend away on the Wadden Islands. Ameland, Texel and Terschelling are particularly suitable islands for this. But you can also come here for peace and quiet. In any case, a holiday home or group accommodation by the sea on the Wadden Islands is suitable for every type of holiday: whether you want to enjoy the peace and quiet or just want to have a good time. Moreover, every season has its charm, including on the Wadden Islands. In autumn you can cycle through the beautiful forests, in winter you can walk through the snowy dunes, in spring you can watch the lambs and in summer you can swim. Every season is suitable for a holiday or weekend away on the Wadden Islands.

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