Accommodations in Friesland

A holiday or weekend away in a holiday home in Friesland?

Friesland brings to mind amazing stories of the Elfstedentocht, fierljeppen, kaatsing, ring riding in Frisian sjezen or skûtsjesilen. But Friesland is more. Much more! Friesland is also a holiday country full of exciting surprises. You can bike or hike here, sail a boat on the smooth lakes or have a fun day of shopping in the eleven cities. The Frisian landscape is very varied. From forests, moors, lakes, and rivers until beautiful Wadden islands and picturesque cities and villages.

Friesland, coastal region of the current Netherlands

Friesland is historically the denotation for the coastal region of the current Netherlands until the Weser in the current Germany. Since around 1500 Friesland has been in the Dutch context mainly the denotation for the current province of Friesland. The Frisians are known as a proud people. They have a rich culture they're proud of and their own language. But Friesland also has its own Frisian delicacies and specialities such as the Orange cake. The Orange cake is baked directly on the baking tray, decorated with red icing, dots of butter cream or whipped cream and slices of preserved orange peel. Hmm, delicious!

The best sights during a holiday or weekend away in Friesland

The Princessehof is a renowned museum in the field of ceramics. The permanent collection of the museum is very diverse. The collection Asian ceramics is even famous internationally.

The Afsluitdijk, That connects Noord-Holland with Friesland, is a famous dyke. Maybe even the most famous one of the Netherlands.

Wadden islands
Here you can really experience the "island feeling". Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog have all five their own character and charm.

Aqua Zoo
AquaZoo Friesland is located on the Frisian waters and with its extensive collection of animals you can literally and figuratively experience a splendid day out in the north of the Netherlands.

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