Munnekeburen is a village in the municipality of Weststellingwerf with just over 400 inhabitants. It is southwest of Wolvega and northwest of the Rotting Meente. In 1806 a reformed church was built. During the Watersnood of 1825 the walls broke and threatened to collapse the church. Also, many houses in the village were severely damaged. Today, this reformed church of Munnekeburen is the only national monument that Munnekeburen counts.

However, Munnekeburen has five municipal monuments: a laborer house (cattle house) dating back to 1860, a 1921 windmill, a notary house dating back to 1860, a 1921 detention house and a burg from about 1925.

Munnekeburen has another elementary school. Christian and public school continued in 2014 as OBS De Aventurijn. Furthermore, in the Munnekeburen sports hall, the Schakel and village house is the Polderhuus. Behind this complex lies the Scheeneveld where the clubs V.W.C., V.O.G. And De Westhoek are playing their home games. The Westhoek was originally the Scherpenzeel football club, and later Munnekeburen chose a good sports complex.

The village of Munnekeburen is spread along one road (the Grindweg) and is surrounded by meadows and smaller peaks in the polders. However, it is also possible to find the big Tjeukemeer at a short distance.


Group accommodation Munnekeburen

Friesland, Munnekeburen
  • Outdoor sauna
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Separate playroom in the house