Terms & Conditions



Article 1. Definitions

1.1 Within these General Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply:

a. Property Manager: the individual who performs management duties on behalf of the Homeowner of a Holiday Home/Group Accommodation.

b. Additional expenses: Expenses for Local services, local fees issued by or in line with the government (tourist tax) and other expenses beyond the net rental amount.

c. External facilities: facilities and services provided outside of the Holiday Home/Group Accommodation property. This may include tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds and athletic facilities.

d. Homeowner: the natural or legal person issuing the mandate to Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties to rent out the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home to Tenants under their own name while at the risk and for the account of the Homeowner.

e. Tenant: the individual who rents or wishes to rent a Holiday Home/Group Accommodation from those available in Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties' (Groepen.nl) portfolio.

f. Booking Confirmation/Rental Agreement: the agreement between Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties B.V. and the Tenant, including these General Terms and Conditions of Rental.

g. Terms and Conditions of Rental: the General Terms and Conditions of Rental are an integral component of the Booking Confirmation/Rental Agreement between Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties and the Tenant.

h. Local services: services that the Homeowner provides in consultation and on-site to the Tenant, with or without the assistance of Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties. This may include the use of boats, (motor) vehicles and (electric) bicycles, cleaning services, linens service, firewood, gas and electric, etc.

i. Co-tenant: the individual residing in the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home together with the Tenant.

j. Holiday Home/Group Accommodation: the rental property, regardless of form or title, specified by the Homeowner in the Agreement, including all moveable and unmoveable property that are/were present within the Homeowners property from the onset of the rental period, excluding (materials required for) Local services.

k. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties: Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties B.V., registered with the Chamber of commerce under number: 10039160, with registered offices at lndustrieweg 54, 6651KR in Druten.

l. Right of Withdrawal: the Tenat's possibility to withdraw from the distance contract within a cooling-off period (the right of withdrawal is excluded - see Article 5).

Article 2 - Identity of the organisation

Organisation name: Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties B.V. Operating under the name(s): groepen.nl, groepen.be, gruppenurlaub-holland.de, zorggroepen.nl, schoolgroepen.nl.

Registered office: lndustrieweg 54, 6651KR Druten

Telephone number: +(0)487-594641

Opening hours: Monday through Friday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Email address: info@groepen.nl

Chamber of Commerce number: 10039160

VAT number: NL816117792802

Article 3. Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions

1 These Rental Conditions apply to all offers and agreements concerning supplies and services from Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties (Groepen.nl) to a Tenant. Additional or deviating stipulations, agreements or arrangements only apply if and insofar as they have been explicitly confirmed in writing by Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties.


Article 4 - Offer and pricing

Non-binding and revocable

1. An offer from Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties may be withdrawn or modified until such time as the offer is accepted. If an offer has a limited period of validity or is issued subject to conditions, this shall be explicitly stated in the offer.

Apparent mistakes:

2. Any apparent mistakes or apparent errors in the offer are not binding for Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties.

Offer description

3. Tenant declares to have taken note of the description of the offer by Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties, in particular the description of the Holiday Home/Group Accommodation and does not require any further description thereof.


4. Prices are always inclusive of sales tax but exclude costs of cancellation and/or travel insurance (not compulsory). Additional charges are listed separately.

Price adjustment offer with specific validity period

5. If the offer has a specific validity period, the prices offered will only be increased in connection with changes in VAT rates.

Price increase after conclusion of agreement

6. Price increases after the conclusion of the agreement are (only} allowed if they result from legal regulations or provisions.


Article 5. Right of withdrawal

1. The right of withdrawal (the Tenant's option to withdraw (free of charge} from the distance agreement within a cooling-off period} is excluded for Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties services.


Article 6. Reservation and Agreement

Conclusion of the agreement

1.Subject to the final availability and acceptance by the Landlord of the group and the provisions of paragraph 3, the Rental Agreement shall come into effect at the time of acceptance of the offer by the Tenant and fulfilment of the conditions.

Availability check

2. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties checks the final availability with the Homeowner after receiving the reservation.

Tenant screening

3. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties may- within legal frameworks - inform itself whether the Tenant can fulfil its payment obligations, as well as of all those facts and factors that are important for a responsible conclusion of the distance agreement. If Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties or the Landlord has legitimate grounds not to enter into the Rental Agreement in response to this assessment, it is entitled, including reasoning, to refuse an order or request or to specify special conditions to the agreement.

Option- Booking confirmation

4 .If Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties accepts the option or reservation, the Tenant will receive an option/booking confirmation by email as soon as possible.

5. If the Tenant does not receive an option/booking confirmation or booking rejection within two days of booking, the Tenant should contact Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties at info@groepen.nl.

Tenant confirmation check

6. In the interests of a proper booking and to prevent misunderstandings, Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties asks the Tenant to check the accuracy and completeness of the booking after receiving the booking confirmation and to report any incompleteness or inaccuracies to Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties within three days of receipt.


7. If, following the conclusion of the Rental Agreement, the Tenant wishes to make changes to the Rental Agreement, Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties is not obliged to accept these changes i'ts at the discretion of Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties and the Homeowner to determin whether and to what extent such changes are accepted. In the event that Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties accepts the Tenant's changes, Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties may charge the Tenant the costs incurred. These amount to at least 75 euros in administrative costs

Condition - recreational use

8. The Rental Agreement between Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties and Tenant concerns the rental of one or more Holiday Homes/Group Accommodations, which by its nature is of short duration. Renting a Holiday Home/Group Accommodation for more than three months and for non recreational occupancy or use is not permitted and isa ground for immediate termination of the rental agreement, eviction and denial of (further) access to the Holiday Home/Group Accommodation.


9. Preferences should be issued to Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties simultaneously with the reservation order. Preferences can never be guaranteed and may not be used as conditions.

Tenant at least 18 years old

10. To book a Holiday Home/Group Accommodation, the Tenant must be at least 18 years of age. Reservations by persons under that age are therefore not valid.

Conditions imposed on the Tenant

11. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties does not accept student groups, student associations or bachelor parties. This may be waived, under special conditions.

Ancillary costs, local services and external facilities

12. Additional charges, Local Services and External Facilities are not part of this Rental Agreement. These are agreed directly with the Homeowner or a third party respectively. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties only mediates for these services. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties is not responsible for the performance of these services. The use of vessels, (motor) vehicles, bicycles is never included in the Rental Agreement.


Article 7. Payment and further processing

Receipt of payment

1. Payment of the rental sum may only be made by the Tenant to Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties BV. The Tenant is not permitted to make this {advance) payment directly to the Homeowner or Property Manager, unless Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties has expressly agreed to this in writing in advance. Additional costs will be collected by Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties on behalf of the Homeowner, depending on what is stipulated in the rental agreement, or they must be paid on site to the Homeowner/Property Manager or they will be deducted from the deposit.

Down payment and final payment

2. The Tenant must make a prepayment of half of the total rental price (including additional costs), as well as the full reservation costs and the costs of any group cancellation insurance, immediately after receiving the booking confirmation. The balance of the rent must be paid no later than six weeks before the start of the rental period.


3. If the period between booking and the start of the rental period is shorter than eight weeks, the entire amount must be paid immediately.

Payment by bank, ideal or credit card

4. Payment can be made via the enclosed payment link or by any other payment method offered by Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties BV. The date of payment is the day of crediting the bank account of Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties.

Proof of payment

5. At the request of Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties, the Tenant must provide Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties with proof of payment.

Late payment, suspension of rent

6. If Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties has not received the down payment or rental sum on the agreed date, it is entitled to suspend its performance and to deny the Tenant access to the rented property or to cancel/ terminate the Agreement. The Tenant will still owe the rental fee in that case.


Article 8. Deposit

1. The deposit must be paid to the Homeowner or the Property Manager of the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home in consultation with the Landlord and no later than upon arrival at the accommodation address, unless otherwise specified in the booking confirmation.


2.In agreement with the Homeowner, additional costs can be deducted from the deposit. Furthermore, any damage or loss of items in or on the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home will be deducted from the deposit.


3. The calculated balance of the deposit will be refunded in cash by the Homeowner or Property Manager and otherwise returned by the Homeowner or Manager by bank within fourteen days after the stay.


Article 9. Cancellation

Cancellation by the Tenant

1.Tenant may cancel the agreement in writing (including by email). The following rules apply for this:

-in the event of cancellation more than 12 months before the date of arrival, 10% of the agreed price will be charged.

-in the event of cancellation within 12 months up to 6 months before the day of arrival, 30% of the agreed price will be charged.

-in the event of cancellation within 4 to 6 months before the date of arrival, 70% of the agreed price will be charged.

-in the event of cancellation within 2 to 4 months before the date of arrival, 80% of the agreed price will be charged.

-in the event of cancellation within 2 months before the day of arrival, 95% of the agreed price will be charged.

-in the event of cancellation on or after the day of arrival, 100% of the agreed price will be charged.

Cancellation by email is only valid if receipt is confirmed by Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties.

Cancellation by Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties

2. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties reserves the right to cancel the Rental Agreement due to special or personal circumstances on the part of the Homeowner. If the Rental Agreement is cancelled on this ground, only the amounts paid to Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties will be refunded. No further (compensation) is due.


Article 10. Liability

Claims submitted by the Tenant against the Homeowner

1. In the event that the Tenant or Co-tenant suffers damage as a result of a defect in the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home, he/she will first claim the Homeowner or his/her insurer out of court to recover his/her damages.

2. The Rental Agreement between Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties and the Homeowner stipulates for the benefit of the Tenant that the Tenant can hold the Homeowner directly (contractually) liable if the Tenant suffers damage as a result of a defect in the Group accommodation/Holiday Home. The Homeowner may take out insurance to cover personal injury and property damage. If the Homeowner has taken out adequate insurance, his liability above the cover is excluded unless there is intent or deliberate recklessness.

Insured loss and damage suffered in the course of business or profession

3. The liability of Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties for damage for which the Teant or Co-tenant is insuring (e.g. by taking out travel and/or cancellation insurance or health insurance), as well as liability for damage that the Tenant or Co-tenant suffers in the exercise of a profession or business (including damage caused by missing connections or not arriving at the destination in time), is excluded. (including damage caused by missing connections or not arriving at the destination in time), is excluded.

Exclusion of liability up to the rental price

4. Barring intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties, Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties is only liable for damage towards the Tenant and Co-tenants up to a total of the amount of the rent paid by the Tenant.

Exclusion of liability up to the insured amount

5. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties' liability for damage is in any case excluded to the extent that it exceeds the sum insured under Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties' liability insurance.

Statute of limitations

6. Any claim for damages by the Tenant or Co-Tenant shall lapse after one year.


Article 11. Accommodation and obligations Tenant and Co-tenant


1. The Tenant will receive a message from Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties after his (down)payment containing the name and telephone number of the Homeowner or Property Manager. Tenant will make arrangements with the Homeowner or Property Manager for payment of the deposit as well as the place and time of picking up the keys (This can be from 5.00 pm, unless otherwise agreed in the Rental Agreement). On the departure day, the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home must be vacated again by 10.00 am, unless otherwise agreed in the Rental Agreement.


2. Linen such as sheets, pillowcases, tea towels, towels, etc. must be provided by the Tenant. In some cases, it is possible to rent bed linen, or it is included in the price. In some cases, bed linen rental is compulsory. This will be stated in the description or price list of the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home.


3. On the day of departure, the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home must be left wipe-clean, which includes at least the following:

a. all dishes cleaned,

b. rubbish bags in the container or given in time with cleaning,

c. provide dustbin with a clean plastic bag,

d. blankets or duvets folded at the foot end,

e. fridge empty and clean,

f. all food removed.

g. floor swept clean.

External facilities

4. Unless expressly stated otherwise, External facilities are not included in the offer. Neither Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties nor the Homeowner are responsible for the proper condition or use of these facilities. Use of the facilities is at the Tenant's own risk. There may be additional charges associated with the use of these facilities. Due to circumstances, facilities may be (temporarily) unavailable.

Number of persons

5. The Group Accommodation/Holiday Home may not be used by more persons than stated in the booking confirmation. If it appears that there are nevertheless more users, the Homeowner or Property Manager has the right to deny access to the Tenant and Co-tenant(s), or charge an amount per extra person per night.


6. Pets are not permitted without written permission. If this is nevertheless observed, the Homeowner or Property Manager has the right to refuse the Tenant and/or Co-Tenant(s) further access to the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home without further warning.

House rules

7. The Tenant must comply with the reasonable house rules of the Holiday Home/Group Accommodation as set by the Homeowner. These can be found in the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home or can be requested and sent in advance upon request.

Obligations of co-tenants

8. By using the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home, Co-tenants are bound by this Rental Agreement and the House Rules. The Tenant must inform the Co-tenant of these conditions.


Article 12. Tenant liability

Defects and inspection on arrival

1. At the time of arrival, the Tenant must inspect the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home for defects and damage. Defects and damages should be reported to the Homeowner or Property Manager without delay. Defects and damage not reported on the day of arrival are presumed (subject to proof to the contrary) not to have been present at the start of the rental and to have occurred during the rental period. These damages shall be borne by the Tenant.

Notification of defects

2. Damage incurred during the rental period should be reported to the Homeowner or Property Manager immediately.

Liability for damages

3. The Tenant is liable for all damage in or to the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home caused during the rental period including damage caused by the Tenant or Co-tenant. The Tenant shall also be liable for consequential losses associated with defects or damage to the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home arising during the Rental Period including reduced rental income and losses associated with cancellations or compensation of Tenants in subsequent hire periods. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties advises the Tenant to take out adequate insurance for this damage.

Joint and several liability of (co-)tenants

4. Tenant and Co-tenant(s) shall be jointly and severally liable for all damages incurred as referred to in Article 12(3).

Claims submitted by Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties or Homeowner

5. Both Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties and the Homeowner are entitled to claim compensation for damages suffered by Homeowner in and out of court.


Article 13. Complaints

Reporting complaints and defects

1. If the Tenant has well-founded complaints about defects to or in the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home and/or the cleaning of the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home, he should contact the Homeowner or Property Manager as soon as possible. The latter will assess the Tenant's complaint and, if it is well-founded, take care of repairing the defect where possible and/or clean the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home (or have it cleaned).

2. If the Tenant has any complaints upon arrival at his accommodation, he must report it by 7.00 pm on the day of arrival. Homeowner and Property Manager have the right to refuse processing of complains submitted outside of an acceptable time frame.

Repair by Tenant

4. If the Tenant decides to repair the defect himself or clean the Group Accommodation/Holiday Home, he will not be entitled to any compensation or discount for this.


Article 14 - Disputes

1.If a complaint is not resolved to the landlord's satisfaction, any dispute can still be submitted to Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties BV in writing, stating reasons, within 4 weeks of the end of the rental period. Disputes filed later will not be heard.

2. Premature departure from the Holiday Home/Group Accommodation, or the independent occupation of another Holiday Home/Group Accommodation without prior consultation and mutual agreement, releases Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties BV from any obligation to pay compensation.

3. Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties BV shall in any case be liable to a maximum amount equal to the rental sum.


Article 15. Final provision

Rights of affected third parties

1. All provisions contained in these Rental Conditions, including exclusions and limitations of liability, may be invoked by Homeowners, Property Managers, as well as the staff of Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties and third parties engaged by it.

Transfer of rental

2. The Tenant cannot assign its rights and obligations following from the Rental Agreement to third parties, unless the parties have expressly stipulated otherwise in writing.

Invalid conditions and conversion

3. If and to the extent that any provision in the present terms and conditions should prove to be void or be annulled, the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in force and the article shall thus be deemed to have been replaced by a valid article that approximates as far as possible the scope of the earlier article.

Dutch law

4. The legal relations between Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties and the Tenant are governed exclusively by Dutch law.

Competent court

5. All disputes that may arise in connection with this Agreement will be submitted to the District Court of Gelderland or, at the discretion of Centrum voor Groepsaccommodaties B.V., another competent court.

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