Catering services

I want the meals to be taken care of. Can that be arranged?
At various group accommodations, it is possible to have meals catered. This is usually done through a local entrepreneur. After booking, you will receive an address from the owner of the accommodation, so you can discuss and customize your meals with the company. If you want to know prices in advance, it’s best to contact a catering company near the accommodation yourself.

Fully catered catering for your group works with renowned partners. These specialists offer customised catering for your breakfast, lunch or buffet in most of our holiday homes. The quality is excellent, the pricing very friendly and the convenience almost self-evident. Whatever you choose, all you really have to do is sit down!

Whether it’s a luxury breakfast, a nice selection of snacks or an extensive barbecue, the organisers will provide the right products and take care of almost everything, up to and including the dishes. Even a cooking workshop is among the possibilities.

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