Accommodations in Idskenhuizen

Idskenhuizen - called the Frisian Jiskenhuzen - is a village in the municipality of the Frisian Lakes with about 500 inhabitants.

Egbert Douwes, founder of the coffee shop "The White Ox", was born in Idskenhuizen. Later, Egbert Douwes would grow into the coffee and tea group Douwe Egberts, and in memory of Idskenhuizen there is another memorial.

The marina of Recreation Park Idskenhuizen is centrally located in the Frisian Lakes area and is a small-scale harbor (200 berths) on a dead end. The harbor offers many amenities and opens onto Idskenhuistermeer, which offers passage to the Koevorde, the Langweerder Wheels, the Heegermeer, the Fluessen and the Sneekermeer. At the park there is the possibility of surfing, sailing, canoeing and swimming. For children there is a playground and a sand and lawn. There is also a Grand Café with terrace overlooking the harbor. Boats can also be rented here and there is a sailing and surf school.

Every year, the Orange Association of Idskenhuizen organizes fun and enjoyable evenings with kingsday and the village parties. Furthermore, the village has many associations.

In addition to the marina, the surrounding area of ​​Idskenhuizen offers many possibilities for hiking and cycling through meadows and along the water.

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