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Balk is a village with a little 4000 inhabitants, until 2014 it belonged to Gaasterland-Sloten municipality, but today the village is part of the municipality of The Friese Lakes. Through the village the canal flows the Luts and the story goes that the village was born (and got its name) after someone placed a beam over the canal. Later a bridge was built here.

Traditionally, the village knew various religious communities, one of which was the town of the Mennonites who was very strict in the Balkans. A large group of these people was evicted to America in the 19th century to settle there in the state of Indiana. A facade in the Balkans still reminds of this ancient religious community. But the greatest religion flow is that of Protestantism: this church has about 1800 souls and has two church buildings: a monumental church at the Lut and a new church building from 1982. In the village there is also a catholic parish with a beautiful church dedicated On St. Ludgerus.

Part of Balk is a protected village view and is one of the protected town and village views in Friesland. The village has a historic core with a town hall from 1615 and has 33 national monuments, most of which are (partly) residential buildings.

Balk is mainly known as a center for water sports, with two sailing schools and a sailing spring between Heeg and Balk. In the winter months, the Berenburg Cup sails from Balk on the Slotermeer.


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