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Pingjum is a village in the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân, in the district of Lytse Bouwhoek, with about 600 inhabitants. Until 2011, Pingjum belonged to the former municipality of Wonseradeel.

The village is situated to the east of the place where the Afsluitdijk reaches the Frisian coast, close to the places Witmarsum, Harlingen, Bolsward and Franeker. Pingjum is known as an open and tolerant village in the area and is also called an 'artist village'. A new village school and village house 'under 1 roof' was opened in 2012.

Pingjum originated at the Marne, an ancient Wadden Sea seagull. The area was probably inhabited before the beginning of the year. When the terp was digged in the 19th century, a Roman statue of god Mercury was found. The name Pingjum is traceable to Penningaheem, which means 'place of Penninga'. A list of 1270 is already called a church in Pingjum.

The Fermanje in Pingjum is a characteristic shelter. The building year of the church is not exactly known, but most probably the church dates back to 1600. From the street side, there is nothing special about the house. But behind the characteristic cost house is the shelter. The decor is very simple. Banks all around for the brothers, chairs in the middle for the sisters, a pulpit and also a reader for the singer. In 1983, the church and house were completely restored, aiming to maintain the original situation as much as possible. It is visited by Mennonites from all over the world. In the church there is a slide show about Menno Simons's life.

Part of Pingjum is a protected village view, one of the protected town and village views in Friesland. Furthermore, the Victorian Church and the Baptist Church are the two national monuments that Pingjum counts.

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