Accommodations in Ballum

With no more than 400 inhabitants, Ballum is the smallest village on Ameland, yet the town hall of this island in Ballum is situated. This town hall was originally the state of the first lord of Ameland in the 15th century. The village has a small airport north-west of Ameland Airport Ballum. This airport performs good services especially in case of emergency but also offers plenty of tourism activities. During the summer months there can be round trips, but also parachuting or visiting other islands are possible.

Part of this village is a protected village view, making it one of the protected town and village views in Friesland. Furthermore, Ballum 12 has a wealth of monuments, including many houses, as well as the Ballum Church, Ballum's Bell Tower, the foundations of a chapel and various farms. Until 1829 there was a lock in Ballum, but in the 'castle residence' there has been little preservation of this time. The church is probably older than Ballum Castle. Also interesting is the Korenmolen De Eendragt, which was used for various cereals such as barley, rye, wheat and buckwheat. The mill was for the benefit of the population and was of vital importance to them. The mill continued to function until 1840, when the mill was broken down in Ballum and a new mill was built in Hollum.

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Ballum

Friesland, Ballum
  • Multiple living rooms
  • Large garden
  • Beach 1500 meters away