Accommodations in Elahuizen

Elahuizen is a village in the municipality of The Friese Lakes with about 350 inhabitants. The village is located - and has a harbor - Lake de Fluessen which passes further into the Hegemer Mar. On the other side of the village lies the Nijegaastervaart, where there are once again small port places at the houses. Furthermore, the area around Elahuizen is characterized by a lot of meadows, but the Zwin Lake (with the lake: It Swin) is a short distance from the village. The wider area of ​​the village (southwest Friesland) consists largely of these areas with many meadows and lakes.

Elahuizen counts three national monuments: the clocks (1832) and the organ (1865) of the Elahuizen Church and an early 19th century farm. In addition, there are two municipal monuments in Elahuizen: the Dutch Reformed Church in neoromanian style from around 1890 and the Stelp farm with a coaching house.

The village offers various activities such as a family restaurant Boerderij 't Kogskip, two sailing schools and a ride on the Beatrix on the Frisian lakes or on the IJsselmeer.

By bike ride, The Sniper Mill and the Mill De Snip can be visited. For this purpose, bicycles can be rented in Elahuizen, but it is also possible to rent a polyvalk or a skittle.

2 nights
6 people

Holidayhome Elahuizen

Friesland, Elahuizen
  • At the lake
  • Catering available
  • Bar
  • Lawn

Group accommodation Elahuizen

Friesland, Elahuizen
  • Location
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Great view