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Sint Annaparochie (officially St.-Annaparochie and in Bildts (Frisian) Sint Anne) is the largest village in the municipality of Het Bildt. It is located about 15 kilometers northwest of Leeuwarden and has about 4500 inhabitants.

Sint Annaparochie is named after Saint Anne, the mother of Mary. According to local lore, the original name of the village would have been Altena, but this name is only mentioned for the first time on a map from 1570 and thus apparently originated during the Reformation.

Characteristic is the octagonal Van Harens Church from 1683 in the middle of the village. In the predecessor of this church, which stood on the same site, the painter Rembrandt van Rijn married in 1634. A bronze statue in front of the church commemorates this. In 1683, the church was the first example of central construction in Friesland. Due to a fire in the Van Haren castle, many documents were lost. As a result, it is not known who the architect of the octagonal church was. Until October 13, 2012, the church was part of the Protestant congregation. On this date, the church was transferred to the Alde Fryske Tsjerken Foundation.

To the north of Sint Annaparochie is the national protected area of Old and New Bildt dikes. There are also sixteen national monuments in Sint Annaparochie, including the Van Harenskerk with the fenced cemetery on which it stands.

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