Accommodations in Easterein

Easterein is the official (Friese) name for the village of Oosterend in the municipality of Littenseradeel with about 1000 inhabitants. Oosterend is a terp village that is characterized by the Martinikerk. This is largely medieval and possesses the oldest sacristy of Friesland. An attraction is the rare crack (oxal) of 1554 with Renaissance carving. Inside the interior is a 17th century manor bench. The Martinikerk can be viewed in consultation with the costumer. To the south of the village is the Rispenserpoldermolen, an original sailor dating from 1821.

Part of Easterein is a protected village view, one of the protected town and village views in Friesland. In addition, there are ten national monuments in the village, including various residential buildings, former public primary school, the Martinus church, and various parts of a parsonage. Easterein also has a number of restaurants and some shops.

Near Easterein, there are various beautiful cycle routes and old and new hiking trails connecting the terpic villages in the area. Through these routes you can also reach the "Skrok" nature area, which includes many birds throughout the year. A leaflet is available describing the hiking and cycling routes.

From Easterein there are several beautiful fishing routes for smaller boats, you can go to the Frjentsjerter Feart or via the Sebeare to the Boalserter Feart and through these sails you can reach many villages and towns in the area. Canoes can be hired at the local café Noflik Bergsma, this café is 500 years old and is thus the oldest café in Friesland. A visit to this old-style café is also worth a visit.


Group accommodation Easterein

Friesland, Easterein
  • Waterway
  • Wooded and quiet area
  • Sauna
  • Beautifully decorated garden

Groupaccommodation Easterein

Friesland, Easterein
  • Special places to stay
  • waterway
  • wooded and quiet area
  • sauna
  • beautifully decorated garden
2 nights
6 people

Holidayhome Easterein

Friesland, Easterein
  • Large play field
  • Sauna
  • Separate barbecue building