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Hindeloopen is a small town in the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân. With around 1000 inhabitants, it is therefore one of the smaller Frisian eleven cities. Hindeloopen has a strong of the Standard Frisian dialect, the Hindeloopers, which distinguishes itself mainly from the preservation of medieval vowels. Hindeloopen used to have his own costume. Today, only the folkloric singing and dance group "Aald Hielpen" shows the costume at performances in Hindeloopen or far beyond, to America and Japan.

Although Hindeloopen is small, there are many sights such as the Wester Tower of 1593, the Great Church (in the Hindeloopers: Graet Serke) from 1632, the former town hall (now museum), the former harbor building now as a locker house (with open bells Tower) from 1619, the former Reformed Likserke (Small Church, now converted into a dwelling) and the former covered fishback (now Lugenbank) from 1785. A part of Hindeloopen is the Hindeloopen National Conservation, one of the protected town and village views in Friesland . In addition, there are 33 registrations in the city register.

The Hindelooper painting is famous worldwide. Best walls, furniture like tables and chairs, folding tables, cabinets, travel cases, miniature furniture: in the 18th century, these objects were painted in the distinctive Hindelooper colors and motifs. The curls, flowers and leaves in the colors red, blue, white and green were processed in Hindeloopen to a separate style.

Today, Hindeloopen is especially popular with tourists visiting the town in spring and summer. Hindeloopen also has a large marina. The smaller old town-fishing port is now a passport port of the Hylper Haven Association. The former Zuiderzeesluis (from 1785) is still manually operated.

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Holiday Farmhouse Hindeloopen

Friesland, Hindeloopen
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