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Scherpenzeel (Stellingwerfs: Scharpenzeel) is a village in the municipality of Weststellingwerf, province of Friesland. It is southwest of Wolvega, between Wolvega and Kuinre. The village has about 180 homes.

As early as 1100, people lived in the region of what is now called the 'Groot Veenpolder', but only during the Middle Ages the occupation really started. Houses (say huts) were built, mostly in groups together. Thus the villages formed in the Great Veenpolder: Munnekeburen, Scherpenzeel, Spanga and later Langelille and Nijetrijne. Between these villages were also connecting roads. That was a kind of carriage track (the Footpath). It was a so-called 'Binnenweg'. When the need for more and better transport possibilities grew, "Buitenwegen" were also built. Those were broader and there were horses with horses to use. For example, the Grindweg was created.

Scherpenzeel is the central village of the Great Veenpolder, as is another bakery. There is also a fire brigade in the village which has the Groot Veenpolder as an area of ​​activity and, in addition, it is necessary to support Wolvega's fire department on fire in Wolvega.

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Friesland, Scherpenzeel (FR)
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