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Uddel is a village in the Dutch province of Gelderland, located on the Veluwe, in the municipality of Apeldoorn. The village with its immediate area has about 4300 inhabitants. The village has religious and political all the features of the Bible girdle. The first mention of Uddel dates back to 792, as the settlement Uttiloch. In 1992, the 1200th anniversary celebrated its celebration.

The village is located on the N310, the road from the N302, via Elspeet to Nunspeet. To the southwest of Uddel is the historic Uddelermeer with De Hunenschans a classic antiquity.

Uddel is an orthodox-christian village; It is good to type as being permanently reformed. The village has churches of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, the Reformed Churches and the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.

The last charcoal burner in the Netherlands, one of the largest of Western Europe, was located in Uddel. At least from 1850 this company Beekman was run by the Uddelse family Beekman. The company was located at the Bleekemeer, on the Aardhuisweg towards Apeldoorn, in the middle of the nature reserve Kroondomein Het Loo. The charcoal burn in mills was a labor intensive process and in 1956 the company employed about sixty people. In 1996, the company left Almelo and renamed Carbo. This ended the centuries-long Veluwe tradition of coal fires.

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Gelderland, Uddel
  • In the heart of the Veluwe
  • Terrace with play meadow
  • Many activities
  • Various entertainment parks in the area