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Lievelde is one of the church villages of the Dutch municipality of Oost Gelre in Achterhoek, province of Gelderland. Until the end of 2004 it was a village center in the town of Lichtenvoorde, which was raised in Oost Gelre. The village has about 1500 inhabitants.

The area around Lievelde has been inhabited for some time now. Already in the 7th century, people lived near Lievelde. This is evidenced by the finding of, among other things, a tomb hill on Lievelder Es (a slightly higher area between Lievelde and Groenlo). However, the area was probably occupied much earlier, as in July 2009, settlement traces were found in the form of earthquakes and an intact pot, which probably originated from late bronze time (1100-800 BC) or the Iron Age (800 BC). Chr. Until the beginning of the year). [3] From a religious point of view, Lievelde was part of the Groenlo kerspel during the Middle Ages.

The population of Lievelde is predominantly Catholic, although there is a paralysis like elsewhere in the Netherlands. The King's Church, taken in 1954, was built to replace a first (temporary) emergency church opened immediately after World War II. The church is designed by architect W.P.V. Dijkman. East of the village is the monastery 'Huize Loreto', built in 1951, for the Paters Marist.

Other sights include the Erve Kots (open-air museum with inn and brewery), English Schans (reconstructed shovel used during the Grol occupation of the 1980s War, Avog's Crash Museum (with excavated WWW WWW) and the Old Dumecafe factory. In addition, MegaPret (children's playground), the annual Black Cross, boerengolf and a cheese farm provide extended opportunity for recreation in Lievelde.

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