Accommodations in Barchem

Barchem is a village in the municipality of Lochem, in the Gelderse Achterhoek, with about 1800 inhabitants. The village lies at the foot of the Lochem mountain (Barchem originally means 'Village near the Mountain') and enters a rich community life and is very touristy. This is due in part to nature in the vicinity of the village, where there are many cycling and hiking routes.

The village has two churches: the Barch Church (Dutch Reformed) and The Hoeksteen (reformed). Especially the former is praised in the village because of its architecture and is registered as a municipal monument in Lochem, along with five other municipal monuments in Barchem. In addition, the village is known for its Barchem 4Daagse, which is once again visited by residents and tourists alike. For a number of years, there is also a steam train in Barchem, which was initially built to further enhance the decorations on the Borculoseweg during the Barchems party. This steam tram recalls the tram of the G.O.S.M. (Geldersch Overijsselsche Steam Tramweg Society). Nowadays the train is still on booking.

In addition, the village offers three restaurants, a small-scale shop, a weekly market, shooting and various activities for children such as Tom Koolhaas compass walk.

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