Vierhouten is a village in the municipality of Nunspeet with about 700 inhabitants. It is located on the Veluwe, between Elspeet, Nunspeet and Vaassen. Due to its location in the woods and in the heath, Vierhouten is a popular recreation site.

A well-known attraction in Vierhouten is the former submarine camp "Forced Village". Here in the Second World War there were hidden hiding places. There are three cabins rebuilt and remains of the old cabins can be found. There are also two memorials at the camp. Further towards Vierhouten, on the Tongerenseweg there is another monument reminiscent of the fusillade of some Jews in that place. In the reception of the hotel restaurant "De Vossenberg", in the village of Vierhouten itself, a small museum reminiscent of this camp and World War II.

The Vierhouterbos is an old malebos that has been used for many centuries by the Vierhouters. There are old oak woods forests, beech forests, coniferous forests, pinetum 't Bergelt, old tombs and in the back of the forest, the nature reserve "Noorderheide" with the waterworks of Van Beuningen. Until the 80's the forest was private property. It used to be a favorite hiking and hunting area and regularly there were members of the Royal House to be found during hunting. Nowadays, the forest of forestry and the great hunting parties is the past. Staatsbosbeheer has thrown many old paths close or closed close. The number of trails is therefore limited to often wide forest roads and some narrower paths. However, recently, the historic Niersenseweg, an old local road, has partly been opened. There are many species of animals in the Vierhouterbos, including: herbaceous herb, damhert, ree, wild boar, moeflon, squirrel and fox. Rare animal species that occur there are the flying deer and the tie.

Gelderland, Vierhouten
  • Cycling and hiking routes through moors and forests
  • Adapted bathroom
  • high/low beds