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Sinderen is a village in the municipality of Oude IJsselstreek in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Previously it was on the border of the former municipalities Gendringen and Wisch. The village is at the juncture, a dripping jump, between Varsseveld (in the north), Dinxperlo (in the south) and Gendringen (in the southwest). The village of Sinderen has about 1000 inhabitants.

Previously, there was a castle in Sinderen, which was presumably built in the 12th century. On old topographical maps, the size and location of the former castle site are still well visible. On a map of the 1830 cadastre, the house with the coach house is surrounded by two canals. There are also four big barns on the map to see outside the castle grounds, which contains a jenever stokerij. Hereby, the Antonius Chapel of Sinderen still recalls. The chapel and a road in the vicinity of the chapel where remains of an old castle site were found are two of the eight national monuments that Sinderen counts.

The meadow for farm "D'n Huusboer" is surrounded by the old canal and there are also cellars of the castle. To the north of the core, a reformed church was built in the period 1884 - 1887, which today falls under the PKN, the Keurhorst church. This church is one of the nine municipal monuments of Sinderen.

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