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Miste is a neighborhood in the municipality of Winterswijk, in the Gelderse Achterhoek, in the Netherlands. The neighboring town has about 650 inhabitants and has an area of ​​almost 11 km².

Miste lies southwest of Winterswijk and has a wooded area in the east. Miste primary school is shared with the smaller Corle. Primary school is not the only thing that is shared. For example, soccer club MEC is also shared between the two neighborhoods. In the past, the inhabitants lived mainly in agriculture, but in the early 21st century this is clearly a lot less. Miss today knows a large number of campsites. Miste enjoys some familiarity with geologists in the Netherlands and beyond. The area is an archaeological site rich in shells and shark teeth from the Mioceen.

In Miste there is a mill, De Meenkmolen from 1851 and south of Miste, the Winterswijk - Zevenaar railway line, which was realized at the end of the 19th century, was run by the GOLS. At Miste, at the Halteweg, there was a railway station for residents of Miste, namely Halte Miste. This was closed in 1933.

In total, Miste counted five national monuments, including the mill of Meenkmolen from 1851. The other four national monuments relate to farms, including farm Meenk and Farm 't Grevink.

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Group accommodation Winterswijk-Miste

Gelderland, Winterswijk-miste
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Extensive seasonal entertainment
  • near the book town of Bredevoort