Accommodations in Giesbeek

Giesbeek is a village in the municipality of Zevenaar with about 3000 inhabitants. Giesbeek is located on Rhederlaag, a recreational lake next to the IJssel, which offers extensive recreational opportunities. In addition, the village has a rustic appearance, partly by its mill De Hoop and church. In 2004 the cultural center De Brede Tin was opened in the village. In this center there is room for (basic) education and childcare, care and welfare, culture and recreation.

The village of Giesbeek has two municipal monuments: the parsonage and the church of the village. But the windmill De Hoop is worth a visit. It is a round stone mill, which was built as a mill in 1888. In 1927 the hood and the crown of the mill slid off and a thorough restoration was necessary. During the Second World War De Hoop became heavily damaged. It was only in 1956 that the mill was restored. In 1964 the entire interior was broken and the belt was excavated. In 1979, the municipality of Angerlo bought the mill to restore it in 1981. Hereby the former belt mill was definitely a setting mill. Part of the proposition is the roof of the supermarket next to the mill. The Hope has a couple of millstones, which grind grain for different bakers. The vanes feature the Bussel System with nose brakes on both ridges. On Saturdays, the mill shop is open from 9:00 to 13:00 and the mill can be visited.

2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Giesbeek

Gelderland, Giesbeek
  • View of riding stables
  • Opportunities to go horseback riding
  • Large animal meadow
  • Bouncy castle