Accommodations in Harfsen

Harfsen is a village in the municipality of Lochem with more than 1700 inhabitants. Until 2005, the village was part of the former municipality of Gorssel. In 1951 a church was built in Harfsen (Our Building). Our Building is a Protestant church, opened in 1951 to replace a smaller church. Outside the church is a freestanding cloak chair. The parish became independent in 1961 from the Reformed Church in Almen. An organ is present in the church of Van Vulpen, which was placed in 1955.

In Harfsen, there are many companies in the agricultural sector. For example, there is a KI station for cattle. There is also a small supermarket, conference center, hairdresser, car garage, contractor company, camping and a balloon company. The surrounding area of ​​Harfsen consists of a variety of meadows, forests and rivers. For both ballooning and hiking and cycling tours, the surrounding area of ​​the village has a lot to offer.

In June there is always the Harfsens Party. During this three-day event there are neighborhood games (with a quiz and variété), a small fairy tale and a parade for both children and adults. Harfsen also has a fanfare, called 'Soli Deo Gloria'. In Harfsen at the Kapeldijk the Kattendorp is located. Lone, sick and stray cats are collected and taken care of.

2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Harfsen

Gelderland, Harfsen
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • platform lift to 2nd floor
  • High/low beds
  • Adjusted sanitary facilities
  • Covered outside area with table tennis and large picnic table