Lunteren is a village in the municipality of Ede that includes around 13000 inhabitants, including the surrounding area. The outlying area of ​​Lunteren houses the neighborhoods and other residences of Meulunteren, De Valk, Overwoud, Nederwoud and Walderveen.

Lunteren lies between the places Ede in the south and Barneveld in the north. East of Lunteren, the wooded Veluwe begins with the Meulunteren-Wageningen dam. Here are the Luntersche Buurtbosch, the Pinetum De Dennenhorst, the Goudsberg and the geographic center of the Netherlands. To the west and north of Lunteren lies the Gelderse Valley, in which the Lunterse Beek fulfills a drainage function.

Lunteren has a lot of tourism in the summer months, because of the campsites located on the banks of the forests. A well-known tourist attraction is the Old Lunter Day, which takes place at the end of August as part of the Edese Heideweek. On this day, Lunteren goes back in time for about 100 years, and many Lunterans change their daily gossip for the traditional West Veluwe farmerswear.

The village has a number of national monuments: the church and the corn mill De Hoop, both on the Dorpsstraat, further the Dome, a lookout tower located on the Galgenberg in the middle of the Luntersche Buurtbosch. In Luntersche Buurtbosch, the lane pattern is also a national monument. This lane pattern was formed during the construction of the forest by the end of the 19th century and has the shape of a branched branch with leaves.


Group accommodation Lunteren

Gelderland, Lunteren
  • Near the Gelderland Valley
  • Subtropical swimming pool
  • Large playground

Villa Lunteren

Gelderland, Lunteren
  • Play meadow
  • Large terrace
  • Elevator