Accommodations in Vorden

Vorden (in Lower Saxony Vodden) is a village in the municipality of Bronckhorst with about 7500 inhabitants (including the outer areas). The core itself has more than 5000 inhabitants.

The most famous is Vorden because it counts eight castles, which makes it one of the most castles-rich villages in the Netherlands. Huis Vorden is on the edge of the village, the other seven are in a circle around. Huis Vorden was first mentioned in 1315. In 1976 it was restored and served as a town hall. In 2004, the municipality of Vorden sold the castle to a private individual. Since then, the castle has been used as a wedding venue. Hackfort Castle was first mentioned in 1324. The Wildenborch is a former harzate, first called in 1372. The Wiersse, first mentioned in 1288. In the meantime, it was rebuilt in 1681. In the 18th century and in 1925 it was rebuilt. Onstein, in Louis XIV style, was built in 1711 in a place where formerly a mansion of 1613 had stood. The Enzerinck is a neoclassical country house built in 1835-1836. The 18th-century Wientjesvoort has the same style. Many (parts of) these castles are listed as one of the 154 national monuments or the 105 municipal monuments that count the place Vorden.

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