Accommodations in Didam

Didam is a place with approximately 17000 inhabitants in the municipality of Montferland in the Liemers. At the place where Didam was located, a Germanic settlement was already in Roman times. The surroundings of Didam were inhabited by Chamaven.

In Didam is an active association life. The site is known as a shooter site and houses seven shooters and guardian guilds, who all celebrate a shooter party in July / August in their own village / neighborhood. Didam on stilts is an annual event. It originated in 1977 when a new station building was opened. To celebrate this, the Spoorstraat was closed with battles and competitions were held, which also took place mayor and aliens. This festival has become an international event. Partly due to the addition of a large annual market and other activities. The world record on the 100 meter pace runs from 1992 to 2009 in the name of Didammer Roy Luiking with 13.01 seconds.

In 1950, the construction of the market hall, intended as a cattle market, began to function as a commodity market today. There are also events such as flea market, kindergarten show, concerts and Christmas market. Since 2007, the market hall is one of 13 municipal monuments in Didam. Also, Didam has three other monuments including Korenmolen St. Martinus from 1855.

Furthermore, there are various facilities in Didam, including a swimming pool, sports center, shopping center, Cool Nature Park and the Nevelhorst (where the annual New Year's Dive also takes place).

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