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Wekerom (in Low Saxon Wekerum) is a village in the Dutch province of Gelderland, located in the Gelderse Vallei, near the Veluwe. The village has about 2500 inhabitants and most of the inhabitants are conservative Christian and belong to the Reformed Congregations.

In 814 the name Wicherumloo, later Wekerom, appears for the first time in historiography. Wekerom originated on the flanks of the higher moraine soils, where the first farms were built on locally emerging sand ridges along the Grote Valksebeek and the Willinkhuizerbeek. Of these farms, only one still exists. Expansion took place as ribbon development in the intervening zone along the current Edeseweg, which was gradually filled with buildings with different functions. Later, houses were built here both to the north and south and an industrial estate was added to the northeast side. There was probably also a castle near Wekerom called “het Laar”, as evidenced by a moat on a cadastral map from 1826. From 1471 there is an entry of a certain Evert van Delen tot Laer to the knighthood of the Veluwe. The site is registered as an archaeological monument. The current farm Het Laar is still left.

Close to the village is “Het Wekeromse Zand”. This is a unique sand drift area, 500 hectares in size. In the middle of the forest is a large open plain (about 100 ha) where the sand has free rein. Mouflons ensure that this sandy plain does not “ossify”. For these mouflons, the entire area is fenced and dogs are not allowed. This sandy plain was created by too intensive use of the land in earlier centuries. The fields were exhausted, the soil was cleared for new fields, and so a large sandy plain was created.

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