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Braamt is a village center in the municipality of Montferland in the Achterhoek of Gelderland. In the village itself, about 700 people live, with another or 650 people in the outlying area. Braamt is a church village that was first mentioned in 1245.

Braamt has a number of facilities, such as a Roman Catholic church, a village house, a hall center, a grain mill and the land park of Jan Klaassen. This mill is also called the Braamse Mill or the Koendermolen and is the only national monument in Braamt. The mill is a so-called ground sailor and has a flight of 22 meters. The beard states that the mill dates from 1832. The mill was restored in 1964 and equipped with a semi-sheathed casing. The mill has been out of business since the early 90's.

Stream pants, also known as the Braamtse Hoop, is a former sand-blasting plot near the village of Braamt, located between 's-Heerenberg and Doetinchem. The lake that originated after the sand is popular in the Bergh / Montferland region, the German border region and many Doetinchem people stay in summer and spring, especially in the recreation area of ​​Stroombroek. The location of the lake is special because it lies at the foot of the Montferian hills, and has seen a harsh on-Dutch sight on the Bergherbos, especially seen from the north. On the west side of the lake is a cable car which was opened in 2006 by BeachClub & Kabelwaterskibaan Stroombroek.

Furthermore, Braamt offers a wellness center, an outdoor center, De Elsenhof agricultural educational day recreation and the annual Bounce Festival and Annual Triathlon Stroombroek.

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Gelderland, Braamt
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