Accommodations in Beneden-leeuwen

Lower-Leeuwen is a village in the municipality of West Maas and Waal. The village is located on the river Waal and has about 6000 inhabitants. The history of the village is dominated by the relation to the water on the Waal. The Wheel is a remnant of one of the dike breakthroughs. Another reminder is the monument, founded in 1874, for the victims of the 1861 flood disaster involving 37 people. Until 1818, Lower Leeuwen together with Upper Leeuwen formed the municipality of Leeuwen, after which the villages went up in the municipality of Wamel, which in turn took place in the municipality of West Maas and Waal in 1984. Some of the town's sights are the former town hall from 1899, the Regional History Museum Tweestromenland, the memorial chapel for the Stoott groups and the most striking monument: the corn mill De Wielewaal. In addition to this mill there are 8 other national monuments in Lower Leeuwen, including the Water Needle Monument, Parsonage H. Alphonsus de Liguori and the former town hall. Annual events in the village include the Day of Lions and the Dike Run. Every year, DijkenSport in Lower Leeuwen organizes various events such as Burgundian fruit and fruit bikes, cycling, skating, running and a moving party. Furthermore, the village offers a variety of shops and restaurants. A visit to Ice cream parlor / lunch cafe Ohlala is definitely recommended.

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Beneden-Leeuwen

Gelderland, Beneden-leeuwen
  • The whole area for just your group
  • Many outdoor sports facilities
  • Large campfire place
  • Extra attention paid to the interior