Accommodations in Nunspeet

Nunspeet is a village on the Veluwe in the Dutch province of Gelderland and the headquarters of the municipality of Nunspeet. The place counted 19,688 inhabitants as of 1 January 2016. A number of residents speak the Nunspeets dialect. The village lies on the border of extensive forests of the Veluwe and meadowlands along the Randmeren.

Nunspeet is believed to be from Nuwenspete, which means something like "new exploitation". The counterpart of this is the name of the village of Elspeet, which is also in the municipality of Nunspeet. Elspeet means something like "old exploitation". "Newlyweds" lives in the name of the local Hymnical Society of Newcomer.

Nunspeet is located on the Northwest Veluwe on the separation of the wooded Veluwemassief and the Veluwemeer. The transition between them is the cultural landscape with meadows, woodwalls and ducks and old hooves. Due to its location, Nunspeet is especially popular with (nature) tourists in summer. Recreation and tourism are therefore an important source of income in the municipality. Due to the presence of forest, water, sandy land such as Hulshorsterzand and heathlands, there are 1.2 million overnight stays in Nunspeet (source: Nunspeet municipality). The vast majority of these tourists spend one night at one of the many campsites. Around Nunspeet, many hiking and cycling routes are set. The area is also suitable for mountain biking. As a starting point, the Veluwetransferium was established near Nunspeet station, including a visitor center of State Forestry.

On the Veluwemeer at Nunspeet, besides four beach beaches with water sports ports, a surf beach and bird-watching post are also laid out. The Veluwemeer is suitable for many windsurfers and kitesurfers because of the relatively shallow water. During the summer, a bicycle pont maintains a regular service between Polsmaten in Nunspeet and Bremerbergse Hoek in Biddinghuizen.

To the south of Nunspeet are the crown domains that continue to Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn.

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