Aalten is the largest city in the same-named municipality, close to the German border. In the center of the village is the Old Helenakerk, formerly belonging to the diocese of Münster. The church dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries, but the tower dates back to the 11th or 12th centuries. The market of Aalten and its immediate area have become a protected villagescape since 1966; This also applies to the Aalten Industry Museum and the Boederijmuseum in the Neeth. There are many different church communities in the village, besides the Old Helenakerk also the Saint Helena Church, the Oosterkerk, the Westerkerk, the South Church and a Synagogue. Partly because of the location on seven hills, Aalten is also called Jerusalem of the East or of the Achterhoek. In addition to some churches, there are other national monuments, such as many farms, the town hall and a steam mill. To the east of Aalten are parts of the National Landscape of Winterswijk, such as the Loohuisbos and Landgoed Walfort nature areas. Guided tours and walks are organized in the countryside as well as in the village, but you can rent a bike to go on your own.

Gelderland, Aalten
  • Private heated swimming pool
  • Wellness room with a sauna
  • Fireplace
Gelderland, Aalten
  • Wellness facilities
  • Beautiful garden
  • Cozy interior