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Ruurlo (in Low Saxon Reurle) is a village in the Achterhoek region of Gelderland, with almost 8000 inhabitants. On 1 January 2005, the village (and the independent municipality) of Ruurlo was merged with Borculo, Eibergen and Neede to form the new municipality of Berkelland.

Around Ruurlo are the estates Het Broek, Brinkmanshoek, De Bruil, De Haar, De Heurne and Veldhoek. There is some manufacturing industry in the village, the area has many agricultural and cattle breeding companies. Tourism is another pillar of existence, the village is attractive due to its location in the Achterhoek bocage landscape and the presence of historical heritage.

Ruurlo Castle is mentioned as early as 1326 and the Village Church in the center of Ruurlo also dates from the 14th century. Many social facilities in Ruurlo were originally created with the cooperation of the lord of the castle; from mill to maze and from medical care to education. The castle was used as a town hall until the merger with the other municipalities of Berkelland, after a restoration in the early eighties. In 2003, the orangery from 1879 was rebuilt next to the castle, which serves as a tea house. At the end of 2012, the castle was sold to an entrepreneur, with the intention of establishing a museum with a sculpture garden.

Other places of interest are the Sint Willibrorduskerk from 1869, the Chapel Barchemseweg from 1885, the Doolhof (a large hedge maze) from 1891, Sawmill Agneta (a sawmill) from 1851 (which can still be visited) and the Kroezeboom: a multi-stemmed oak that is at least 300 years old.

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