Accommodations in Eibergen

Eibergen is a village in the municipality of Berkelland with about 12000 inhabitants in the village. The village is located on the river de Berkel, which flows east of Eibergen, the Netherlands, to express in Zutphen in the IJssel.

Eibergen is first mentioned in 1188 as the Ecberghe parish. It was then an independent chess game, which also belonged to Borculo Castle until 1509. There were three guilds: a weaver guild, a tailor guild and a shoemaker guild. The seal used by the city council was derived from that of the men of Borculo: the three belluscular spheres were three Eggberg eggs.

Eibergen's Old Matthew Church would already have been in place in the 12th century and contains two of the 21 national monuments in the village. The current church (also a national monument) was built around 1500 in Gothic style and has been protesting since the Reformation in 1616. The Mallumsche Mill is a water mill dating from 1748, with its associated Muldershuis, the area around this mill is a protected village area and several parts of the mill are registered as a national monument. Every Saturday the building is opened and milled by flour mills. The Piepermolen is also open on Saturday afternoon. In addition to the 21 national monuments, 38 municipal monuments and two war memorials, there are also many three-dimensional works of art in public areas.

The surroundings of Eibergen on the river provide an attractive resort for cyclists and hikers because of the many varied landscapes, the so-called Coulissen landscape. You can also experience the Berkelzomp.

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