Accommodations in Pesse

Pesse (called Pes in the Drenthe language) is a village in the municipality Hoogeveen with around 2000 inhabitants. When Pesse was exactly founded is uncertain, but as early as in 1141 Petthe is mentioned, named after Peth (= moor). Pesse might have been a community of farmers then. Around that time there were six vaelten, or big farms, in Pesse.

Pesse is mostly known for the boat of Pesse, the oldest boat (tree trunk canoe) in the world that was excavated in 1955 when the A28 was constructed. The boat is dated between 8200 and 7600 BC. The boat can be visited in the Drents Museum in Assen. Apart from the boat there are many more traces in Pesse of former inhabitants, such as ground plans of farms from the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the early Middle Ages until the year 1000. Most of these finds were made south of the current Oostering road in Pesse. During these excavations remains of a neolithic graveyard have also been found. Some of this prehistoric past of Pesse is still visible outside the village; there's a grave hill (burn hill) from the Iron Age or Roman times west of the Boerveenseplassen.

Pesse has, among other things, a kindergarten, two primary schools and a town hall. The hospitality industry is represented with various companies like a supermarket, a garage, a horse riding school, a press bureau, a bungalow park, a diner cafe and a wok restaurant.

Every year various events are organized in Pesse. The Drenthe farmer rock group Mooi Wark organizes yearly together with Stichting Muziek 2000 the Siepelrock festival in October. Stichting Muziek 2000 is also responsible for the popular Muziekweekend, that takes place in May. Normaal always performs on this Saturday.

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Group accommodation Pesse

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