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Ruinerwold (in Drenthe Ruunerwold, ‘t would) is a village in the municipality of De Wolden with about 3500 inhabitants. Residents of Ruinerwold are also known as ‘Spekbraanders’. This is in connection with the many pig farms and piglet farms that used to be present in Ruinerwold.

Ruinerwold is a peat reclamation northeast of Meppel, which was created in the Middle Ages after the reclamation of the swampy area on site by the monks of the monastery of Ruinen. In the middle of the twelfth century, this area was donated to the monastery by the bishop of Utrecht. Ruinerwold originated from Buddingewold and Haakswold. Both belonged as independent bailiffs to the seigneury of Ruinen. Ecclesiastically they were under Blijdenstein.

It was not until the 18th century that the village started to bear the name Ruinerwold. Originally it was a typical regional village, but after the Second World War a real village centre developed through new housing estates.

Ruinerwold has 29 national monuments and 14 provincial monuments, including a large number of monumental farms, two of which have been set up as museum farms: the Karstenhoeve from the seventeenth century and a classic farm that is still in use.
The Dutch Reformed Church, which stands outside the village in the hamlet of Blijdenstein, dates from the fifteenth century, although some parts are still a few centuries older. The former town hall at Dijkhuizen is also a special building. The building was rebuilt in 1903 in neo-Renaissance style. Also special is Granny’s Heritage at Dijkhuizen, a shop annex museum with kitchen textiles and old Dutch sweets.

The area consists of a meadow landscape with characteristic narrow strip allotments. Forest has been planted on a small number of strips. An annual event in Ruinerwold is the classic car day on the third Saturday in August. The annual village festival is also one of the events organized in Ruinerwold. A traditional part of this is the parade of decorated floats.

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