Dwingeloo is a village in the municipality of Westerveld with approximately 2500 inhabitants. The big green brink in the center of the village is protected village view. The first mention of the village dates from a deed of 1181.

In Dwingeloo stands the Saint Nicolas church dating back to the 15th century. The current towerspace was placed in 1631 after the collapse of the previous peak. On the construction of the Saint Nicolas church in Dwingeloo, the saga was linked to Batinge's boy who passed by during the construction of the church every day because she had an eye on the building master of the church. This builder became so wise that he could no longer perform his work properly. Through intervention of Drenthe's drool and her father, Mr. van Batinge, the jailer was sent on a journey, but not after she had told her lover what form the spearhead of the new church had to have according to her. The builder was able to realize her dream. This is the reason for the deviating architecture. After completion of the church, both of them would still be married.

To the south of the village lies the National Park Dwingelderveld, a large forest and heathland where there is still a sheep shed. There is also a large radio telescope and on the edge of the Planetron area. To the south west of Dwingeloo is the property of the House of Oldengaerde, a well-preserved Drenthe garden of the fifteenth century (rebuilt in 1717). Various parts of this estate belong to the 47 national monuments that Dwingeloo counts. In addition, there are 11 municipal monuments.

Dwingeloo has various events like Dwingelermarkt, Drentse 8 of Dwingeloo, Midzomer Festival, Star Festival, Volkorendag and Combine Race in the center.


Group accommodation Dwingeloo

Drenthe, Dwingeloo
  • Bar
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  • Enclosed garden

Vakantiehuis Dwingeloo

Drenthe, Dwingeloo
  • Buiten keuken
  • Veel kinderactiviteiten
  • Wandel- en fietsroutes

Holiday Farmhouse Dwingeloo

Drenthe, Dwingeloo
  • Volledig ingerichte tenthuisjes
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