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Gasselterboerveen is a municipality in the municipality of Aa and Hunze. The neighborhood is northwest of Gasselternijveen on the road to Gieterveen. Unlike Gasselternijveen, which grew along a district, Gasselterboerveen is a waste village of about two kilometers long edge vein mining.

The name Gasselterboerveen refers to the farmers of Gasselte. The fins along the Hunze were owned by the Gasselte market. In 1662, part of the cattle complex was sold by the marke to Groningen dinners, which became Gasselternijveen. A part remained owned by the farmers of Gasselte and has since been known as Gasselterboerveen.

Gasselterboerveen counts one registration in the national register of records, this is a farm with a backliner dating back to about 1880. In the (direct and further) surroundings of the village of Gasselterboerveen, agricultural land is mainly found. Shortly afterwards the Oostermoersche Vaart (also known as Hunze) can be found. Further south of the village, small forest areas can also be found, close to the N378.

In Gasselterboerveen, the Blue Berries Farm can be found, with berry farming, a farm shop, recipes and soon a farm market. Previously, this was always organized by the East German women, but since they stopped, the Blueberry Farm tries to take over this organization from the farm markets.

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