Group accommodations in Ruinen

Group accommodations in Ruinen

Accommodations in Ruinen

Ruins is a village in the Dutch province of Drenthe, municipality of De Wolden, with 2,710 inhabitants. Until January 1, 1998, Ruinen was an independent municipality.

Ruinen was a high glory from the Middle Ages until the French era as a glory of ruins. In an act of 1139, Otto van Ruinen is called as one of the bishops of Utrecht. In 1140 a Benedictine monks founded a monastery with a corresponding Mary Chapel. The monastery was later taken to Dickningeverplast.

From 1811 to 1998, Ruinen was an independent municipality. The largest part of Ruinen became part of the new municipality of Wolden on 1 January 1998, smaller sections were added to the municipalities Hoogeveen and Westerveld.

The village has traditionally an agricultural character (animal husbandry and arable farming).

Surrounding places are Havelte, Ruinerwold and Ansen. Northern of Ruinen lies the 3700 hectare Dwingelderveld National Park.

Ruins include a library, a public elementary school, a sports hall with sports fields and a swimming pool. The local football club is VV Ruinen.

Ruinen has various restaurants, shops, hotels and campsites and holiday homes. At the Brink is a Tourist Information Point (TIP).

2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Ruinen

Drenthe, Ruinen
  • A lot of playing facilities for children
  • Horses and ponies
  • Within walking distance of the forest
  • Brinkdorp Ruinen. Close to Dwingelderveld and Weerribben

Holiday home Ruinen

Drenthe, Ruinen
  • In the heart of the village
  • luxury and comfort
  • 10 suites with modern group space