Accommodations in Fluitenberg

Fluitenberg - called in the Drents Flute Barg - is a village in the municipality of Hoogeveen. The village has about 400 inhabitants in the core of Fluitenberg and 150 inhabitants outside the core of the village.

The area where Fluitenberg is located is likely to be inhabited by people for a long time. Near the Flute Mountain there are seven grave hills found, with the suspicion that there will ever be 20 layers. The area is therefore nicknamed 'The Seven Hills'.

For the foundation of Hoogeveen the area around the current Flute Mountain De Vleutenbarg was called an increase around De Vleute, as the stream that flows past Flluitenberg was called. For a long time there has been only one farm. Today, it is a small village that has expanded along the main road 'Fluitenbergseweg'.

Flutesberg is now surrounded by meadows, but by bicycle distance there is a forest with heath and water areas. The hiking trail through the Oude Kene covers this nature reserve just south of Fluitenberg, this route runs through a brook valley. This route is good for all seasons, but the route can not be reached at high tide.

By bike distance you can also find the 5000 Museum, The Kool Mill The Swallow, the Swimming Pool The Dolphin and Lunch and Pemberhof Farm Pesserhof. In Flluitenberg itself, some catering establishments can be found.

2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Fluitenberg

Drenthe, Fluitenberg
  • Many facilities for sports and games
  • Fireplace
  • Heated floor
  • The Drent state forests in your backyard