Accommodations in Beilen

Beilen is an esdorp and is the headquarters of the municipality of Midden-Drenthe, given its location is called the Heart of Drenthe. The village itself has about 9700 inhabitants, but this includes the area of ​​approximately 33000 inhabitants.

Research shows that there were already people in Beilen around 20000 years ago. The village was first mentioned in 1139 in an ear tag. Due to mining in the 20th century, remains of ancient settlements and cemeteries were regularly found. An important archaeological discovery in Beilen took place in 1955, when a gold treasure was found around the year 400. This treasure consisted of a bracelet, necklaces and 22 Roman gold coins. In 1820 a fire brought a large part of Beilen into ashes, only the old church was preserved after this disaster. This Stefanus church dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries is registered as a national monument, together with the Makkum Mill, Huize Thousand-Clean, an Interbellum style shop and a traditional-style farmhouse.

In the village itself are concerts, spring fairies, annual markets, Oktoberfest and weekly markets. At cycling distance you will also find Westerbork Radar Riding Center and Westerbork Memorial Center, Dwingelderveld National Park, the Blue Lake and Museumdorp Orvelte. In the area there are many sheep cages and with a little bit of luck you see a shepherd with his dogs and herd of sheep over a heather.

2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Beilen

Drenthe, Beilen
  • Garden room
  • Large play field
  • Many play facilities
  • Catering optional

Holiday Farmhouse Beilen

Drenthe, Beilen
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Lounge room
  • Large play field
  • Catering available