Accommodations in Meppen

Meppen is a village in the municipality of Coevorden with about 400 inhabitants. The village is located in the northwest of the municipality of Coevorden, north of Oosterhesselen and west of Aalden. The village borders the forest De Mepperdennen and the juniper De Palms. The small number of houses is close to the center of Meppen in the cove of a small piece of forest. There are mainly meadows to be found and soon nearby places like Aalden and Zweeloo can be reached.

Before the place originated, the area in which it is occupied has already been inhabited. The oldest traces of this are about 5000 years BC. Among other things, it was found among Meppen knives to edit animal skins. Also, a bronze bucket of bronze time was found. Much later in history, in the Middle Ages, Meppen was the first real core of occupation in the area. Nevertheless, the oldest mention of Meppen itself is only 1335, but a number of other places that originated later were mentioned earlier.

There are two registrations in Meppen in the Netherlands Register. One of these is the Boerderij de Prakkehof from 1699, where a shopping museum is located. The second national monument in Meppen concerns an archaeological monument: Urnenveld.

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